It’s your story Tell it well

In a world where emails, tweets, status updates and blogs rule the day—finding a channel is easy. The challenge now for communicators, is to tell the stories memorably and rise above the noise.
I can help you do that.
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Good design deserves
great copy

I love good design. Examples of it fill my Facebook feed and magazine racks. Smart businesses spend money on good design because they know it helps build their brands. But they also know that good design must be paired with quality copy to tell a credible story that defines their worth in their 
customers’ minds.

Sonia had no issues getting to grips with a complex, layered, multimillion-dollar project with many stakeholders. She is efficient, reliable and a highly skilled wordsmith—a valuable asset to any creative studio, marketing department or business.
— Martin Hull, Human Creative

Everyone can write,
but not everyone should

You could write your own copy. And I could cut my own hair, design an extension to my house or photograph a wedding. But I’m 100% certain that skilled professionals could do it better.

Engaging me to write your copy or marketing materials means you’ll benefit from my experience—I’ll deliver copy that:

  • Connects with your audience on an emotional level
  • Defines the personality of your business 
  • Builds your credibility
  • Compels your readers to act (sales, enquiries, sign-ups, attendance)

So when it comes to communicating about your business, put your reputation in the hands of a professional, like me—Sonia Uranishi.

An experienced set of hands

I’m a Brisbane copywriter, editor, proofreader and freelance PR consultant and I’m flexible, responsive and great with words. I specialise in writing, editing, proofreading and a whole range of communication services including:

  • Website copywriting 
  • Corporate writing 
  • Marketing materials copywriting (newsletters, emails, brochures etc.)
  • SEO copywriting 
  • Communication strategy 
  • Public relations consulting
  • Media releases 
  • LinkedIn profiles, case studies, bios…and much more! 

Read more about me, my services, check out my portfolio or contact me to get the ball rolling with a conversation and a quote.