The Blog: What’s the plan?

For a copywriter, writing a blog should be like taking candy from a baby. Easy, right? Well, the crafting part naturally comes a little easier. But the challenges that any business owner faces when it comes to writing a blog still apply. Namely:

  • It’s on my ‘to do’ list but I struggle to get round to doing it
  • I’ve got too much ‘actual’ work on 

And for many people the big one is:

  • I’m not sure what to write about 

All legitimate roadblocks—but definitely not insurmountable!

Here are my tips for getting started with your blog:   

Think about your audience

First up, think long and hard about your readers. They matter most.

  • What are they interested in? Topics, themes, information, introductions? Brainstorm a list. 
  • How often do they want to hear from you? There’s no harm in asking a couple of potential readers to take away the guesswork. 
  • What are you offering and why should they care? Can your readers expect to have a laugh, learn something, or get connected in some way?

Make a plan

  • Map out your year, month by month, and think about how often you’d like to post. Be realistic. You don’t want your last post to be dated last year. 
  • Think about big events in your company and industry or seasonal activities and how you can match blog content to keep your posts relevant and timely.
  • Brainstorm a list of articles you’d like to write. 
  • Then, revisit the list of topics your audience is interested in. Refine your list.  
  • Put together a calendar with each story idea scheduled so you have a clear plan for the year. This may change as new ideas emerge, and that’s okay, but it’s great to have a full program to work towards at the beginning.

Write your post

Schedule a reminder in your diary each month and schedule time to actually do the writing. Once you’re in the habit, the process will become quicker and easier. So often tasks seem harder when we’re thinking about doing them—but once we’ve begun, they’re not so bad after all.   

If you need a hand to get the ball rolling, to nut out your story ideas or to write your blog posts, contact me and I’ll gladly take that job off your hands so you can cross it off your list.